Wednesday, 20 June 2012


-Create one parameterized report in report designer and publish it as xaction.
-Open design studio, create one new java project. Then create one new action sequence and
  Input with parameter name.
-In process Action, select get data from in that select relational. Give the required data base
  connection details, and query same as given in report designer.
-In process Action, click on add, in that report and select pentaho report.
  In report specification, browse and select the xml of the report, in report data select query result. 
  Give the output report name.
-In the process output select the name of output report name and select response. Save the
  xaction and run it.
- now we need to create the main xaction with chart. Create one new xaction,  Process input add
  Input with the same parameter name, select request and give the default value. In the process
  action select get data from, in that relation. Give the required database connection details, and
  write down the query.
-in process action, click on add, select chart in that select chart of your choice. Give chart data as 
 Query_result. Click on toggle tab, in that under configuration add the below tag, i.e. details of link xaction    path
            <urltemplate><![CDATA[/ViewAction?solution=GIVE SOLUTION NAME&path=&action=XACTION
          NAME&PARAMETER NAME={FIELD NAME}]]></url-template> 
          <paramName>GIVE THE NAME(I.E. NAME OF THE PARAMETER FIELD)</paramName> 
           <series-name>GIVE THE SERIES NAME</series-name>
- Save and run the xaction.


  1. Can you please help us with sample xactions?

    1. It s better to use Pentaho Design Studio to create xaction.
      That is too easy, no need to creat xml file, as it will be automatically generated, as you simply define process.