Saturday, 15 September 2012


A Sub-report is a report within another report. Following are the steps to create a sub-report in report designer:
STEP  1: Open pentaho report designer. Add a data source.


STEP 2: ADD another data source in the same report. Give QueryName as SubReport.

Add caption


STEP 3: Drag the sub Report icon to page.

STEP 4: Set the sub report properties as follows:
FILE PATH: This is the path of the sub report.
QUERY:  Select the query name for the subreport. E.g. subreport.

STEP 5:  Now double click on the sub report field and save it with name subreport2.  Another window will be open.

STEP 6:     Drag the fields to page area.


STEP 7:     Run the main project.

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